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 IC and OOC Rules. Please read these!

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PostSubject: IC and OOC Rules. Please read these!   Wed Jul 05, 2017 12:33 am

1. Be Respectful.
2. Do no post-cut.
3. No neon's, wings, or unrealistic items on your character.
4. Please make sure you include everyone within the group. It's not fun being in a group and being ignored all the time.
5. Do not spam the group chat too much.
6. This pack isn't for the sensitive. If you cannot handle sexual content, gore, or anything that is trigger worthy, don't join.
7. Please be respecful to everyone outside the pack.
8. Respect all staff members.
9. Be active! I usually don't kick people, because it takes too long. However, the RP won't be fun if you're not there to help!
10. Real life things happen, and that's okay. Just post in the absence thread if you're leaving!

1. Do not kill off your character until you've been within the group for at least a week.
2. There is no character limit. Join with as many as you think you can handle.
3. If you wish to mate, please do so in whisper.
4.You may leave camp whenever you'd like.
5. If you wish for a forbidden love between your character and a rivals character, please ask the leaders of each pack before doing so.
6. Drama is allowed within The Anarchy Order. However, if you want to start drama with the Lunarstar Eclipse Pack, you MUST ask Anusha before doing so!
7. Pups cannot leave camp without an adult. If you would like to have your pup leave camp by itself, please ask before doing so.
8. Basically anything goes within this pack. You may do as you wish to each other, but please ask permission from the player first.
9. No god-modding, auto-hitting, mate-begging, parent-begging, or anything of that nature.
10. Pregnant wolves must stay pregnant for at least five OOC days. Pups are to stay newborns for a day, and then may slowly start to age from there. Age depends on when your parents wish you to age!
11. You may age your character whenever you wish.
12. Slaves/prisoners can be treated like dirt. Slaves do have masters, and once again anything goes as long as it's okay with the player first.

More will be added later.
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IC and OOC Rules. Please read these!
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